Point of Light

America's 845th

Live Now was awarded America's 845th Point of Light by President George Bush (41)

Our History

Live Now Ministries has been serving the Rio Grande Valley since early 1979, and has fed, clothed, provided and found shelter for the indigent and for the homeless over the past 4 decades. A large percentage of those served are veterans for whom we have a special regard. This ministry is guided by the words of Jesus in Matthew 15:35:

"For I was hungry, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:"

The Ark | Veteran's Outreach Center

We are now operating from San Benito, TX and continue to face the challenges of ministering to the "neediest" in our society. We are looking for volunteers and partners.

A number of changes are underway and we are excited about what we believe God will accomplish as we forge together businesses, ministries, and civic officials.

Services Provided at The Ark Sanctuary

Homeless Shelter

We believe it is a duty of ours to always be in service of the homeless and The Ark will fulfill that purpose

Soup Kitchen

A Soup Kitchen will be operated free to those in need

Food Bank

In cooperation with the RGV Food Bank, The Ark will be able to give dispenses

Garden Nursery

This will be a place for volunteers to come and learn about local plants and will also include a butterfly garden

Baby Shower

We are proud to service mothers by providing baby showers

Veteran's Center

Veterans have always been a central part to our ministry and will continue to be so at The Ark

Snowcone and Snack Shop

The Ark is a place for youth to feel welcome and accepted. Our snack shop will be an incredible blessing to these youth

Medical Clinic

It is a priority to provide quality health care for those that need it most

Thrift Shop

We waant families to feel confident in themselves and be comfortable in their homes, and our thrift shop will help provide this at accessible prices

Recognition for Live Now Ministries

Live Now has received many local, state and national awards including and recognition:

“Live Now has made dealings with the disadvantaged citizens within our borders a priority -- and has done so with no funding from federal government. As this Congress looks at the societal problems of poverty, hunger and homelessness, we would do well to listen to the lessons taugh by Live Now Ministries.”

The TDHS State Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service to the Community, the HUD Region IV Award

Congressional Record

“Though Live Now does not have a homeless shelter, it has made arrangements to find homes, jobs and food for hundreds of people.”

Recognition of Live Now for their Dedicated Work in Providing Shelter and Food Indigent Families


“I congratulate you, Cicely Ratcliff, for all efforts in improving the lives of the citizens of Brownsville.”

Commendation of Live Now for their Efforts in Giving Students a Foundation in Learning the English Language

The University of Texas Brownsville

“I am very excited about this program because it fits in with much that we are doing legislatively to reform welfare and move individuals from welfare to work.”

Recognition for Announcing Joint Welfare to Work Program

Congressman Solomon P. Ortiz


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